D&I can be hard, and we will help you solve it.

Melding is the Diversity and Inclusion engine you need to drive your culture forward.

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D&I doesn't have to be difficult, expensive and complicated.

Melding gives you access to a tried-and-true model of D&I strategy integration that is tailor-made for your organisation at an affordable price. We will work with your Board, leadership team, employees and key volunteers to ensure buy-in and impact across your organisation and community.

Melding will help you increase:
  • Mission and vision alignment
  • Employee experience
  • Leadership development
  • Data-driven decision-making
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Take the guesswork out of your D&I strategy

Within "The Melding Process" you'll work with highly skilled experts that will use their extensive knowledge to develop simple strategies that you can implement and track to ensure the best experience for your volunteers, employees and key stakeholders.

Tailored Support

Receive tailored recommendations and guidelines to support your organisation.

Our awesome features
Track Engagement

We'll let you know how your people are doing as they engage with the training and their sentiment over time.

Our awesome features
Iterate as you go

Our work with you is not static. We'll keep tailoring our services to fit your needs.

Our awesome features
Insights and Reports

Deep dive into metrics customised for your organisation to track and measure goals.

Our awesome features

Why Melding?

We know you have a lot to juggle and that creating and managing a D&I process that works can be difficult, and in some case, very expensive! We've created a simple and affordable process that can be customised to fit you.


We will create and administer a survey to your stakeholders that will help you contextualise D&I well.


Get the nuts and bolts of the data through a detailed report showcasing strengths and concerns.


Receive tailored recommendations and information to help you deliver them as interventions.


Whether you are a CEO, manager, or assistant, we'll provide up-to-date, tailored training to suit your needs.


It can be difficult to know where to move forward on your D&I journey, so one of our skilled experts will help.

Policy Review

D&I forms part of the core fabric of every organisation; as such, a good D&I policy is key for your handbook.

Whose expertise is behind Melding?

Meet our team of highly skilled experts with unbeatable experience in Diversity and Inclusion, company culture, organisational psychology and behavioural science. In addition, we have an incredible team of domain experts backing us up to provide you with the best service possible.

Bayo Adelaja
Chief Executive

A behavioural scientist and Diversity and Inclusion consultant working with some of the most influential charities in the UK.

Sarah Borg

Learning and development specialist working on developing and delivering research-based D&I training.

Grace Reid
Lead Consultant

Working with leaders of organisations to deliver change and transformation strategies in line with D&I best practices.

Our resources for strategic leaders

We have created a set of resources that will benefit leaders intent on being strategic about their Diversity and Inclusion work. No matter the size of your organisation you can begin today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, contact us.

Is Melding really just for charities and social enterprises?

Right now, yes. We're focused on supporting the thousands of charities and social enterprises across the UK that are struggling to get a grip on their Diversity and Inclusion strategy. Our experts are well-versed in providing this support in the impact and service delivery context and supporting employees and volunteers.

What size of charity or social enterprise is Melding best suited for?

Melding works best for organisations with at least 15 involved, inclusive of employees, volunteers and other key stakeholders. Our survey insights can get granular, and we want to ensure we have enough data points to truly result in good information.

How customisable is the support Melding offers?

No one organisational journey is the same, so we have built our process to ensure best practice while also recognising the need for customisation where it matters. If you have a specific customisation query, please contact us.

Do you offer anything "off menu" for existing members?

We have an incredible group of experts who are capable of much more than is on offer through the Melding process. If you want something more in-depth, email us to kickstart a discussion.

What stage of the D&I journey should we be on for the Melding process to be useful?

If you are facing confusion about your next steps, the Melding process is right for you. You could think of the Melding process as a reset button or as the thing that will help you springboard to the next level of your journey.

When can our staff and volunteers start accessing D&I training?

Your people (employees, volunteers and other key stakeholders) can start accessing training as soon as you become a member and have completed the onboarding process with your account manager.

What can we do if we are not a charity or social enterprise?

We're moving quick, so get in touch with us, and we'll add you to our waitlist. Also, we'd love to speak with you to learn which services you need so we can build them in advance.

What is the connection to Do it Now Now?

Melding is a Do it Now Now initiative. This means that the work we deliver is based on the research and expertise of the award-winning racial justice organisation.

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