Our skilled experts are second to none.

We are a team of data scientists, behavioural scientists and Diversity and Inclusion experts that are passionate about UK charities.

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Expertly designed survey tailored to your needs.

After years of consultation with clients in the impact sector we have designed a customisable survey that will help you understand the fundamental needs of your employees and other key stakeholders.

Data-driven recommendations

We will use the survey data to develop recommendations specifically suited to your organisation.

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Delivering change across your organisation

Utilising human-centred design methods, we have devised a complete Diversity and Inclusion service to help you retain, engage and attract staff while also delivering inclusive impact.

Mission and Vision Alignment

It takes more than a few training sessions to truly embed D&I into any organisation. This is particularly true of impact focused charities and social enterprises whose missions and visions must align with the perspective of D&I you choose to adopt.

Employee Experience

The backbone of any strong organisation is the group of people that tirelessly dedicate their time and energy to making it work. The support we provide will ensure they each feel seen, heard and supported by pairing your existing processes with our services, we will help you build a workplace every one of your people can be proud of.

Leadership Development

Diversity and Inclusion is on the top 3 stressors list for most CEOs, Chairs and Leadership teams. We will work directly with you to ensure you have the tools, skills and direct support to lead your organisation's D&I well.

Data-driven Decision-making

Data goes beyond a single survey once a year, we utilise multiple research methods to ensure that we have a full understanding of your organisation, your employees and the sector at large to inform any recommendations our Melding Experts provide.

Our MELD Methodology

Iterate for Real-time Satisfaction

Throughout your work with us, we will support you to collect practical information to determine the direction of their Diversity and Inclusion action plan in real-time. There is no one size fits all so we will continually engage with you and your staff to ensure our support is exactly right.


We will consistently re-engage your staff on sector diversity issues and inclusion ideas for real-time impact.


Individual staff will receive a personalised training journey based on their seniority, needs and interests.

D&I Training Available as Needed

We'll support your people through a personalised training journey designed and delivered by experts. These LIVE virtual sessions will ensure that your employees are well informed of best practices. Here are our core categories.